Our Team


Guidance, care and expertise. Our instructors give everything. They are passionate about your well-being.
Let them help you live a healthier, leaner and happier life.


Zisana Mirzoev
Studio Manager

Background: I was never into sports. But after I gave birth to my second child, I found a way to become strong and lean, and happy in my daily life. I started training pilates with machines. A few years later, after my third child, I was introduced to Gyrotonic, which was the best and closest I got to do „sport“. And when I started to do yoga, I knew I had a mission. To share all of these aspects with the people that still look for that something. Something that gives you „sunshine“ when it‘s raining outside. I wanted to have a place, where you feel home, but will be taken care of. A place where you can just be as you are. A place to be happy.

Training: Gyrotonic, Pilates, Yoga, MINDFUL BODY, Barre...I like the combination because I know how each training forms my body. But I decide which I need more, or less by feeling and asking my body.

Favourite food: In the morning I make green smoothies for my family. And during the day I try to eat clean and fresh food. But sometimes it can also be Pizza or Sushi. I really love to eat. So I‘m not always too strict with myself..

Current Mantra: Believe in yourself.



Verena Hoflehner
Health Coach, MINDFUL BODY Creator, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy

Background: Movement & a healthy lifestyle was always a big part of my life. While I studied and worked as a fashion & interior designer, the feeling that something is missing never let me go. So I found my way back into health & wellbeing. As a certified Health Coach, Mindful Body Trainer and yoga teacher, it is my mission, to help you feel empowered to reach your wellness goals and feel great in your body.

Training: Health Coaching because it is my passion to help everyone live a healthier happier life. Mindful Body because it is exactly what I need in my everyday life. Yoga, because Yoga!

Favourite food: Oh my god there are so many :) I love fresh organic bowls - in every possible way - lots of vegetables & fruits topped with protein like salmon and healthy fats as avocado or nuts & seeds.

Current Mantra: Happiness starts with me. I am the creator of my mind. What I give power to, has power over me.



Teodora Raykova
Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Mindful Body by Verena

Background: My mom took me to my first gymnastics class when I was five, and ever since some special people have educated me in swimming, extreme Martial Arts, a wide range of fitness classes and, most importantly -Yoga.

Back in 2010, I experienced Yoga for the first time after a physical injury. My Yoga practice led to a swift and full body recovery. My strong physical condition allowed me to explore diverse methods, namely Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Iyengar, Power and Vinyasa Flow.

Beyond the yoga mat, I have graduated Occupational Psychology with a focus on employee well-being and development.
I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance UK & Yoga Alliance USA, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

Training: My practice and teaching have been about getting the body and the inner-self stronger, while using breathing as a tool to decrease body tension and incite joy. I teach Yoga, Power Yoga and Mindful Body by Verena. My students can expect clear, uplifting, energizing, dynamic and strength – building classes, all these combined with personal approach and attention to the needs of the individual.

Favourite food: I love seasonal fruits and raw nuts. I really enjoy fresh salads and a variety of grilled vegetables.

Current Mantra: Love the life you live.




Vera Polyanskaya
Hatha Yoga, Yoga for pregnant, Yoga-therapy

Background: I enjoy being a Yoga instructor for more than five years by now. In 2014 I finished my teacher training courses for Hatha-Yoga in one of the biggest Russian Yoga centers - Prana. In the next few years I studied practices of different Yoga masters from Russia, Ukraine, USA, Switzerland, Germany, and also Indian teachers as Dr. Madavan and Bal Mukhund Singh. Apart from Hatha Yoga, I am interested in breathing techniques (pranayama), mediation, concentration and spiritual aspects of Yoga, such as Raja Yoga (Yoga of mind). Having the masters degree in Biochemistry, I am currently deepening my knowledge in anatomy, Yoga-therapy, Yoga for children, Prenatal Yoga and the traditional Indian medicine – Ayurveda.

Training: For my classes I combine Hatha-Yoga asanas in dynamic (vinyasa) and static (power) forms with serious attention to the body position and breathing.

Favourite food: Ginger and beetroot :)

Current Mantra: I named my Yoga-concept as Virah Yoga, virah means 'hero' in Sanscrit. I try to help people to release their hidden potential. Therefore popular 'Per aspera ad astra!' („Trough hardships, to the stars!“) really fits to me!



Anastasia Korotkova

Background: Ballet is very important in our culture. As long as I remember ballet was also an important part of our family. After graduating from the Ballet School in Tallinn, I moved to Vienna and began teaching the beloved dance to children and adults. I am grateful that fate has given me the opportunity to devote myself to this this magnificent art.

Training: Ballett is where I feel confident enough to say that I'm a professional. That's why I can spread my love to dance and my knowledge to my students.

Favourite food: I was born on the seaside, seafood comes always on the first place.

Current Mantra:

Movement is life. And ballet movement is a beautiful life.



Julia C. Kohout
Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Pilates, Yoga, Faszienyoga

Background: My background is diverse, but it has always been obvious that exercise was very important to me. At the age of 16 I found an old yoga book of my father and started to learn the asanas. In addition, I have lived out my urge to dance and in the theater and finally implemented professionally. Soon I started to teach dance, affirmed by my studies (special and curative education) and at the latest after a longer education in the field of dance education (Munich, Iwanson) I knew: I want to bring people closer to movement ...
Parallel to my work as a dance teacher, my interest in other forms of movement intensified, and so I became acquainted with movement techniques such as Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, techniques that shape my work as a movement pedagogue.

Training: Yes, of course: Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Gyrokinesis or Gyrotonic - I stand behind all these wonderful forms of movement. But one thing is crucial to me, regardless of the technique of movement: every movement can be carried out in ways that help, or harm. That is why the quality of the execution and the awareness of the uniqueness of each person is in the foreground.

Favourite food: Oh, everything that does me good and tastes good!

Current Mantra: It all starts with the number one: a step, an attempt, a letter, a brushstroke .... you just have to take that first step!