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MINDFUL BODY is a holistic body&mind workout experience. It combines the positive aspects of yoga such as balance and flexibility with strength and meditation.
75 min/english


The optimal full-body workout. Get in shape, from head to toe, with light but effective exercises without equipment. Your body will become firm, tight and fit all around 360°.
60 min/english

Body shape

The class integrates fat burning and interval training with small isometric movements that lift, sculpt and tone. You will learn to work from your abs as well as elongate your muscles while stretching.
60 min/english


Body Centering Pilates, a contemporary pilates format. This class is focused on an intense training of deep physical structures, a strong core, a stable and flexible body centre.
60 min/english


In this class you get a total head-to-toe body stretch, you will calm down, reduce stress and relax. During 60 minutes, we will improve your range of motion.
60 min/english


Gong meditation is a unique type of sound practice that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about healing. This practice is also sometimes referred to as a “gong bath”.
60 min/english

gong bath

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Each of us is rather different. But the mission we share unites us

Each of us is rather different. But the mission we share unites us

Zisana Mirzoev

Giving birth to my children motivated me to do more sports. Thanks to that I started doing yoga, and I knew I had a mission. I wanted to have a place where you feel like at home and will be taken care of. A place where you can just be as you are. A place to be happy.
Studio Owner, Gong Bath

Verena Stefenelli

While I studied and worked as a fashion & interior designer, the feeling that something is missing was always present. So I found my way back into health & wellbeing. As a certified Health Coach, Mindful Body Trainer and yoga teacher, it is my mission, to help you feel empowered to reach your wellness goals and feel great in your body.
Studio Owner, Founder of MINDFUL BODY, Health Coach, Hatha Yoga

Marietta Frühmann

I´ve always loved to move my body as it helps me to get out of my head and reconnect with my intuition. Either going for a run, doing workout or just dancing helps me feel centered again. Through Yoga and meditation, I found a depth that I was searching for in my life, feeling at home the first time I stepped on my mat
Founding Teacher of MINDFUL BODY, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga

Alyssa Auvinen

During my last year of University I enrolled into a Classic Barre Technique certification program by Carolyn McPherson in NYC. Shortly after I began to teach Barre at Pranavah Yoga LIC and Align Brooklyn. I moved to Vienna in June 2018 primarily for love and to continue to fulfill my mission as a sound therapy enthusiast
Classic Barre Technique, Barre & Stretching, Resonate Body Motion ©

Antonina Boschitsch

I used to be a competitive swimmer. As a teenager I became a dedicated partygirl and spent more time on the dancefloor than in the pool. During my studies of cultural and social anthropology, my physical practice on the yoga mat became my sanctuary
Vinyasa Yoga Flow, Yoga Basic, Yoga Stretching


Movement means happiness. Movement means expression, shifting energy and activating my state of being. It’s the basic level of listening to and showing up for myself. Dancing and movement always played a big role in my childhood and youth. I couldn’t find the right class for myself until I was introduced to MINDFUL BODY.

Julia C. Kohout

At the age of 16, I found an old yoga book of my father and started to learn the asanas. In addition, I have lived out my urge to dance. After a long education in the field of dance education (Munich, Iwanson) I knew: I want to bring people closer to movement...
Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Pilates, Yoga, Faszienyoga