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Start your day in happiness. MINDFUL BODY / Gong Bath / Smoothie, Bliss Balls,...and more! Join us for an extended Mindful Body Class followed by a Gong Bath. Afterwards we nourish ourselves and enjoy Smoothies, Bliss Balls and more together. Let’s move, dance, awaken and deeply relax. The power that results when mind, body and spirit are working together as one unit has infinite potential. Before we start you receive a small 'cool' surprise! ;)

Date: 21.08.2022
Time: 9:00-11:30
Teacher: Marietta, Verena, Zisana
Price: €50
Yin Meridian Therapy Master Classes - with Michael Sidhamo Johnson

Yin Meridian Therapy Master Classes - with Michael Sidhamo Johnson

This Class is an extended practice which lasts two hours and has a specific focus on releasing stuck emotions connected to specific meridians. For me, master class does not mean advanced practitioner but signifies the awareness and desire of the student to experience the next level of practice which moves into the healing of the emotional and energetic body. This healing helps us to transform habitual negative patterns in the mind. As mind and body are not separate but 2 aspects of the same coin, the space and freedom we create in the body translates as freedom in the mind.

The Yin Meridian Therapy master class is for everyone, regardless of skill level in yoga. The only requirement for attending is a desire to grow and evolve. Everyone is welcome. Live at the moment. The kingdom of heaven is here and now.

November 28
Upper body torso and arms
Large intestine - letting go of the past
Lungs - releasing grief and deep sadness
Heart- opening to self love

Date: 28.11.2021
Time: 14:00-16:00
Teacher: Michael Sidhamo Johnson
BACKBENDS WORKSHOP - Release tensions and open your heart

BACKBENDS WORKSHOP - Release tensions and open your heart

What are the benefits of backbends? What effects do the front body stretches have on the physical and emotional level? How do we get safely and proper into certain heart opening postures?

Due to our daily activities, like computer work, cycling, playing with kids etc, lots of us tend to habitualize rounded shoulders and backs. This often leads to bad body posture and back issues. With backbends we do the very opposite.

In this BACKBEND WORKSHOP you'll get to know the treasures of backbends and how they effect the body. Together, we will go through some fundamental principles and techniques, discuss different backbending postures and learn how to approach them in a safe and proper way.

Date: 26.9.2021
Time: 12:00-14:00
Teacher: Antonina
All levels welcome